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I’m sure that you’ve recognized it by now, but in case you haven’t, have you noticed that at some point in recent years wearing glasses became cool? Sexy, even? Gone are the days when nicknames like “four eyes” plague the near and far sighted. Perhaps, we owe it to the hipster generation for ushering in this era of bespectacled approval. Glasses have become such a fashion statement that people who don’t even need them are wearing clear lens frames in an attempt to garner a bit of this smarty pants sex appeal.

Who would have ever thought that the popcorn icon Orville Reddenbacher’s trademark black frames would become such a hip fashion statement?

Lucky are the posers who do not actually have to pay for eyeglasses with corrective lenses! Faux spectacles can easily be purchased at the local big box store for less than ten dollars, transforming an ordinary face into a hot nerd for pennies. Those with fuzzy vision, however, know that the purchasing of new glasses is not a flippant affair. It doesn’t matter if you walk into the optometrist promising yourself that you’re not going to pick those Warby Parker frames that you really want. Pick the off brand, and you still may have to drop a half grand or more for the hot look you want. The salesperson is going to convince you that you need the thin high index lenses made out of space age polymers with a bright light killing anti-reflective scratch proof coating, and a forty dollar fleece lined leather case to protect your purchase with.

Squint hard enough and you’ll see that you’re getting the wool pulled over your blurry eyes. Most glasses purchased in the US are made in China and only cost a few dollars to produce. What you’re paying for at the fancy glasses shop is not the product you need, rather, what you are paying for is the rent, the labor, and the licensing and markup fees. Feeling a bit blindsided? There is an easy fix. Next time you need some new frames with all the bells and whistles, hightail it to the nearest internet device and order online.

I hear you, “Buy my glasses online?” Yes. You can buy everything else in the world online, so why not glasses? Online eyeglass retailers like Zenni Optical and others like them have made buying eye-wear significantly more affordable. You can get frames online starting at just $6.99 and get all the upgrades for $50.00 or less. How? By cutting out the middleman and contracting directly with the manufacturers. All you need from your doctor to go about getting your next frames via the internet is your prescription and your pupillary distance, and you’ll be set to start shopping for your perfect glasses.

Zenni Optical

With such affordable prices, you may find yourself buying glasses like you buy shoes, a pair to match every outfit or mood that may strike you, making glasses an accessory that will keep trending.