Fresh off his Grammy wins, Macklemore is making headlines across the Internet for being a conspiracy theorist?

Someone unearthed a tweet Tuesday (Jan. 28) that the Seattle rapper sent back in 2009 — a full three years before “Thrift Shop” ever took off — in which he alluded to 9/11 being an inside job. Specifically, he blames former President George Bush for the tragedy that shook America and took the nation to war.

Also, a 2005 track resurfaced called “Bush Song,” where he expressed similar beliefs.

“Where’s Dick Cheney at? Probably off in Iraq finding some oil to tap, tell ’em I got up on that and y’all still think it was Bin Laden? When it was us and the Masons, plotting on oil profits,” Macklemore raps on the song, which appears on Macklemore’s 2005 debut, The Language of My World.

Since the tweet was unearthed, the rapper has received a slew of mixed opinions, jokes, and backlash. Some applauded his beliefs, while others called him things like “a douchebag” and a “freaking idiot.”

“did you get your brain at a thrift shop?” tweeted @AndyLevy.

What do you think? Is the 9/11 inside job theory complete garbage, or a valid argument?