Max B’s Manager Says Rapper Could Be Freed In Two Years

Max B

Harlem rapper Max B has been behind bars since 2009, after being convicted in a 2006 murder case. Talk of a release has been circulating since then, but nothing has come to fruition.

However, a recent deal involving the sale of the rapper’s catalog could see him freed in the next two years.┬áIn an interview with DZI: The Voice, his manager Anyextee shared the details of an upcoming documentary and album, as well as his status.

“I just did a deal for the film I have coming out entitled Charly Rambo: The Max B Story, and you can expect to hear exclusive Max B tracks in the movie,” Anyextee said. “I will also say this, there are still quality unreleased Max B tracks and Pro Tools sessions. However, we recently sold Max B’s catalog as part of a play to help get him out. He and his family were excited about this, as the company we sold it to, has agreed to put up the required capital to fund a proper legal defense using the defense attorneys that we always wanted to use.

“It’s possible Charly could be out as soon as two years, if the legal team is successful in their strategy. He already has time served under his belt,” he continued.

In 2009, Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison for murder, kidnapping and armed robbery charges, all of which stem from a 2006 robbery in New Jersey that left one man dead. He was not present at the scene of the crimes, but was accused and convicted of masterminding the entire plot.

As his case currently stands, the earliest Max B could see a release from prison is November 9, 2042.

  1. shouldve just took the 10 piece… he wouldve been getting out in 5 more years for sure. i wouldve just copped out to the 10. smh

  2. They was saying something similar about shyne when godfather buried alive was coming out, im guessing its good promo

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