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With everyone settling into the New Year, and hopefully sticking to those health-related resolutions, we’ve stumbled across a new product that’ll surely help.
It’s called AeroLife, a newly launched air-based nutrition system that delivers a blend of vitamins and supplements via a compact and reloadable device you can take while on the go.

There’s four types of boosts, Immunity, Sleep, Sport, and Energy. The Immunity version offers up a blend of essential nutrients such as Zinc, Vitamin C and Vitamin D to help fight off illness; Sleep delivers melatonin, 5HTP and magnesium citrate to help you rest and wake up refreshed; Sport gives a blend of caffeine and electrolytes to provide energy to help your body refuel; and Energy has a blend of 100mg of caffeine and B vitamins to give you that early morning boost you’d get from a cup of coffee.

Here’s how it works. You pull open your AeroPod, draw in air through your lips, and a powdered blend of nutrients travel into your mouth, which you then swallow.

After using AeroLife for a week, our staff was quite impressed.

Many of us used it in place of our morning cup of coffee, and while you do miss the warmness of clutching a hot cup of joe, the boost you get for taking in a shot from the AeroPod was almost immediate. You feel just a lil more energized then normal and more refreshed. Those vitamins do work, even if you think it may be in your head. Another interesting, you don’t get the crash you after your coffee buzz wears off either.

It’s convience it nice as well. During a dragging day, instead of grabbing a soda or an energy drink for a little pick me up, having AeroLife in your pocket gives you a instant boost. And, it also worked wonders during workouts, when those electrolytes help recharge your body.

It has zero calories and/or sugars; and comes in various flavors (watermelon, mint, raspberry, coffee). Overall, our experience with AeroLife was positive, and is definitely worth trying for anyone active and on the go.

AeroLife is available in various packages, a 12-pack of a specific line, a small travel pack with a trio of options, and even monthly subscriptions. However, the company is offering a free trial to new users. Start your free trial now at

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