Waka Flocka Flame

Though Waka Flocka’s career hit new levels last year, he went through some rough times to start 2014 following the death of his younger brother Kayo Redd just before New Year’s.

During an interview with Washington, D.C. radio station WKYS, the rapper spoke about how his life has changed since Redd’s passing.

“After that situation, I detoxed for like seven days,” Waka explained. “I changed my diet. I became 85 percent vegan. I just felt like I had to cleanse myself… I’ve been through that before, so to me that’s will power because if I sit there and mope, a lot of things could go bad. That boy had a lot of stress on him. It’s a lot of things that go on behind doors that people don’t know about… like it’s a lot of stress that come with this game. The strong survive.

“The family is good, though. Life goes on. That’s the motto for me, life goes on. If my eyes ain’t closed and I’m not breathing, I’m not hurting,” he continued.

Later, Waka discussed his relationship with Gucci Mane.

“It’s over for him,” he says. “The only thing Gucci I wear is the clothing line. Like as a friend, it’s over. For me to risk my life, give my life, give my loyalty, give my friendship — to see somebody treat it like it was some ink on a paper? Nah, man. I’m super big on loyalty, but me and Gucci separated our differences like a year and a half ago… like signed from each other. I just felt like I wasn’t going to be the one to come out. I feel like me and him got two different outlooks. I want to be a successful Forbes list man. I don’t want to be a successful hood n****. Three people in my family graduated. I’m trying to break that chain. I just want to be different. I can’t be strung out on XYZ drugs. I just can’t do it.”