New York Knicks Named NBA’s 2014 Most Valuable Team

New York Knicks

Although the New York Knicks have a 36% winning percentage this season, they top Forbes’ 2014 list of NBA’s Most Value Teams¬†for the second straight season.

The NYC team is valued at a staggering $1.4 billion, thanks to their renovated Madison Square Garden stadium, pushing their net revenue to $287 million and an all-time record profit of $96 million last season.

Behind the Knicks at #2 is the Los Angeles Lakers, valued at $1.35 billion. Despite a league-high payroll and a luxury tax bill of $29.3 million, the team turned over a $66 million profit.

The Chicago Bulls, at $1 billion, are the NBA’s third billion-dollar team, up 25% from a year ago, thanks to four years of league-leading attendance. Their United Center JV signed a new arena naming rights agreement with United Airlines in December, estimated to bring in $5 million a year.

At $875 million, the Boston Celtics come in at #4 on the list, while the Brooklyn Nets close out the top 5 with a $780 million value.

In 2013, the NBA’s revenue as a whole was at $4.6 billion. By comparison, during the 1982-83 season, revenues were at $118 million.

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