D12 with Eminem

Eminem has reportedly been in the studio working on new music from D12.

Detroit studio owner Mark Bass recently told the Detroit Free Press that he’s been mixing a slew of new material, including new D12 tracks, three with Eminem.

However, details regarding the music are unknown.

For newer hip-hop fans, D12 is a group Eminem helped launch in the early 2000’s, which consisted of himself, the late Proof, Bizarre, Kuniva, Swifty McVay and Mr. Porter. They released their debut Devil’s Night in 2001, which eventually reach platinum sales in a number of countries. To date, the six-man group has released two full-length studio albums, their last being 2004’s D12 World, which only featured Eminem as a producer as the group tried to establish themselves without the superstar.

In recent years, members Mr. Porter and Bizarre publicly stated that they had left the group.