Joe Budden proposes to Tahiry

If you missed it, in last week’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop: Season 4,” Joe Budden went all the way, getting down on one knee in the middle of Times Square and popping the question to on-again, off-again girlfriend Tahiry. Before she could answer though, the show ended, leaving everyone waiting until this week.

On Monday night (Jan. 20), the episode continued and Tahiry gave her answer: a big NO.

“Love is trust, and I don’t trust you right now,” she said to Joe. “I can’t believe you. One day you’re good, one day you’re bad, and one day there’s foundation on my pillow cases. Now you have a ring? How am I supposed to believe you?”

Joe pled his case, saying he was ready to commit, but she wouldn’t budge on her decision. The rapper, however, said he’ll wait… calling it “inevitable.”

“It’s really hard to say no to something you really wanted for such a long time, but I knew in my heart that this proposal just wasn’t right,” Tahiry explained afterward.

Will Joe and Tahiry eventually end up back together? What do you think?