Jonah Hill

Did you know that actor Jonah Hill brought home a measly $60,000 paycheck for his role in The Wolf Of Wall Street?

It’s true. Apparently, the 30-year-old wanted a role in the film so bad, he didn’t mind taking a drastic pay cut.

During an interview on “The Stern Show,” Hill made the admission, which the show shared on Twitter (@SternShow): “Now on H100 @jonahhill tells @howardstern that he did the 7 month ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ shoot for $60,000 because he wanted the role so bad.”

In comparison, Leo took home $10 million for his role, though he took a 50% paycut — in The Great Gatsby, his payday was reportedly $20 million.

Hill, however, doesn’t seem upset. Last Friday (Jan. 17), he expressed his excitement about an Academy nomination. “I am so honored to be nominated. Thanks to the Academy and congrats to my fellow Wolves @LeoDiCaprio, Mr. Scorsese and Terry on their noms,” he tweeted (@JonahHill).

For those who haven’t seen the Martin Scorsese-directed Wolf Of Wall Street, Hill plays Donnie Azoff, the sidekick of financial guru Jordan Belfort (depicted by Leonardo DiCaprio).