How do you create a house of hip-hop at Ivy League university, Harvard? In this short video piece called “Hip-Hop At Harvard,” cameras examine how a hip-hop fellowship was created in Nas’ name at the prestigious school.

“A lot of people would think, ‘Oh, it’s just music. Oh, it’s too vulgar, it’s too this or that,’ but that music represents the world,” says Nas in the clip. “That music represents our youth. So when you don’t pay attention to it, you kinda missing out on your youth. The same youth that you wanna protect, you need to understand them by understanding the music they listen to.”

Nas spoke about his hopes for the program’s message. “Hip Hop represents fast life, for the most part,” said the Queens emcee. “So, hopefully they see there’s a slow-down period, and there’s more to it than just running fast. It’s a marathon. You see Harvard and Hip Hop together, I hope that it says something to younger mes out there. I hope it speaks to them, like, there’s more to the future than what we’re racing to. Hopefully, this gives hope on an educational level.”