Michael Jordan at UNC

When a man in North Carolina won a storage locker at auction, he never expected what he found inside — unique documents related to the college career of NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

As reported by ESPN.com, New Jersey-based Goldin Auctions acquired the M.J. memorabilia, including two 1980 North Carolina Tar Heels recruiting letters — one from assistant Bill Guthridge, and another from coach Dean Smith.

Apparently, the documents were personal items the NBA superstar had given Chapel Hill, NC restaurant “Michael Jordan’s 23,” which they had put on display. However, when the place shut down in 2003, the items were carted away and put into a storage locker, which a lucky man obtained at auction after the storage bill wasn’t paid.

“In my more than 30 years in the business, this is the first time I’ve ever seen documents like this,” Goldin Auctions told ESPN. “A recruiting letter to a major high-profile athlete has never been available for the public to buy.”

The auction opened Friday (Jan. 19). Among the items are the two recruiting (one currently at $2,500 and the other at $8,860), Jordan’s UNC undergraduate transcript/academic record ($1,000), and even his UNC diploma ($7,500).

See the current auctions at GoldinAuctions.com.