David Mannix owns world's largest lottery scratcher collection.

While some collect stamps or coins, one U.K. man’s collection could’ve been worth millions. But, any chance of claiming the prizes is long expired.

42-year-old David Mannix has the world’s largest lottery scratcher collection, most of which are unscratched and intact.

According to the Daily Mail, he previously collected phone cards, but stopped in 1990 with the rise of cell phones. He’s since begun collecting lottery scratchers and currently owns almost every scratch card issued by the U.K.’s National Lottery since 1994 — including various special editions, from Indiana Jones to James Bond.

Mannix has spent £80,000 (around $131,785 USD) in the past 20 years on scratch cards, both used and new, 10,000 of which still have the silver film intact. Almost all of them have now expired, so even if some of them were worth millions, he couldn’t cash in anyway.

He has an entire room in his home dedicated to the hobby, all filed into boxes. Now out of work, due to a severe arthritis, he’s decided to put his beloved collection up for sale, asking £500,000 (around $800,000 USD).

“I want to give someone else the chance to own this unique gathering,” Mannix says. “It’s taken half my life to build up and I want it to go to a good home.”