Mike Jones

Remember Mike Jones? Who? Mike Jones!!

He’s been away from the market for some time, releasing his last album in 2009, but he’s set to return with a new album in 2014.

Jones spoke to XXL recently about why he’s been so quiet in recent years, citing “politics.”

“Fighting politics, learning politics,” he explained. “It was just a lot of misunderstandings. In ’05, the proof was there — I mean the numbers, the name. I guess in ’06 people wasn’t ready for R&B type of music. ‘Cuddy Buddy’ was ’06, ‘Next To You’ was ’06. Then it was still street music. They wanted more ‘Still Tippin.’ They didn’t want no ‘Cuddy Buddy.’ They didn’t want no ‘Next To You.’ Two to three years later, it [was] all about R&B.

“The momentum got slowed down fighting politics,” Jones continued. “A label that I thought was going to be down with whatever I’m coming with, especially when I did 2.5 [million] out the gate. Y’all pushing people who not even selling a million.”

Later, Jones revealed that he’s been working on a new mixtape, entitled Money Train, he referred to as a “movement.” The tape, he says, will include “everybody that is about to make money.”

Sometime after the mixtape, his official album Where Is Mike Jones? is coming. A release date has not been given.