Freeway Ricky Ross

Following a recent dismissal of of his case against Rick Ross (the rapper), Freeway Ricky Ross says he plans to take his case to the highest court in the country, the U.S. Supreme Court.

In a recent interview with the Murder Master Music Show radio show, the former drug kingpin revealed the news… saying he’s unwilling to accept that the first amendment allows “anybody to take anybody’s name.”

“They said that this was a first amendment right,” Ricky Ross said. “That he had a first amendment right to use my name. Basically, what they said is that anybody now can take anybody’s name and if they tweak it [as they said] and turn it into a character, you can use their name. Everybody’s name is fair game from what the courts is saying. As long as you tweak it and you not doing the same thing [is] basically what they did.”

He later credited his lawyer for standing by him and willing to take the next step in such a big fight.

“We headed to the Supreme Court right now,” Ross said. “I was so thrilled in my lawyers, with such standup lawyers, that they called me even though — you know they been fighting with Universal and Warner Bros., two of the biggest corporations in this country. When we went to court they had about 15 lawyers and I had one lawyer. And she’s standing up. She told me she said… She called me and she was like ‘Man, what you think?’ And I was like ‘Man, I wanna fight on.’ And she was like ‘I do too.’ So, you know, it was like a mutual agreement between the two of us just to keep it moving.”