Yelawolf made headlines Thursday (Jan. 9), after receiving backlash from a series of photos he shared on Instagram of the Confederate flag.

Although the Alabama-bred rapper is far from a racist — he’s dating singer Fefe Dobson, has worked with various African American artists and has been critical of any white rapper using the “N” word — some took offense to him embracing a flag that reminds many of the time when slavery and segregation were accepted in the South, though others look at it as a proud emblem of the region’s heritage.

Kanye West stirred controversy recently over his own use of the Confederate flag on his “Yeezus Tour” merch. He wasn’t concerned over its meaning, saying he took the negative meaning out of it and made it his own. “React how you want. Any energy you got is good energy. The Confederate flag represented slavery, my abstract take on what I know about it, I wrote ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. Now what are you going to do?” Ye asked.

Q-Tip later reacted to Ye’s use of the flag, saying he is not feeling it at all. “No shots, but my people continue to suffer psychologically from hardships that happened under that banner.”

What do you think? Is it ok to rock the Confederate flag as a proud symbol of the South? Or, does it carry too much negative history with it?