Drunk Michelle Rodriguez All Over Cara Delevingne At Knicks Game

Drunk Michelle Rodriguez Spotted All Over Cara Delevingne at Knicks game

Though there was a game on, the New York Knicks versus the Detroit Pistons, the NBA was upstaged Monday night (Jan. 7) by a drunken Michelle Rodriguez.

The actress made headlines Wednesday (Jan. 8) when photographers caught her drunkenly sitting courtside alongside model Cara Delevingne. In the photos, released by TMZ, she is seen all over Delevingne, giving her a wet tongue kiss in one photo, posing for drunken selfies in another, sticking out her tongue while boxer Miguel Cotto looks on in surprise, and practically falling over in her seat in others.

The pics have since resulted in a slew of memes that are circulating the Internet… with one ironically stating: “That awkward moment when you realize this is gonna end up online.” LMFAO!

Way to go Michelle, looks like a fun night.

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