Cleveland Indians Replacing Old Logo

Cleveland Indians logo

Chief Wahoo, the logo of the Cleveland Indians since the 1940s, is being replaced as the MLB franchise’s primary logo for a block letter “C”.

Don’t worry Indians fans, the team isn’t eliminating the logo altogether. It will remain on caps and jersey sleeves, you’ll just see a little less of him as the team unofficially de-emphasizes him. “Indians changing primary logo to the block-C. No change to uniforms, Wahoo still on home cap, sleeves,” uniform expert Paul Lukas tweeted Wednesday (Jan 8)

In addition to the Indian making a change, so is the Pittsburgh Pirates, who are “ditching” their long-running one-eyed buccaneer logo in favor of a gold “P” as its primary logo as well. Like Cleveland, the Pittsburgh team will keep the pirate logo on uniform sleeves for the immediate future.

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