New York-based menswear brand, Outlier, recently introduced their latest innovation: the Blazed Button Down Pivot.

The button-down dress shirt features Pivot Sleeve, a patent-pending innovation that gives the wearer a better fit without restricting movement. It’s made utilizing traditional non-stretch shirting fabrics to create a one piece sleeve that flows seamlessly into the back of the garment and forms a rear side panel in the process. This construction allows the shirt to naturally stretch exactly where it is most useful, so you get a better fit and can move freely.

The shirt is made of Outlier’s Blazed Cotton fabric, which is sewn into the pivot sleeve pattern. Also added is a Nano-Tex treatment that helps resists dirt and sweat. And finally, custom poly buttons and a front chest pocket round out the classic look.

Outlier’s Blazed Button Down Pivot comes in four color variations (Microcheck Blue, Dark, Light, Purp) and is available at the brand’s online store for $125.