Ahead of its debut at CES in Las Vegas next week, Audi offers up a look at it’s Sport Quattro Laserlight concept.

The concept vehicle is an evolution of the brand’s Sport Quattro concept, showcasing their latest technology, including the new laserlight headlights. In place of the previous LED versions, the Laserlight’s headlamps feature laser diodes that can illuminate the road ahead up to 1,640 feet. The miniature laser diodes measure just a few microns across, but put out light at twice the distance and with triple the luminosity of traditional LED beam lights.

Additionally, the car features a high-res, context-sensitive 3-D display powered by a Nvidia Tegra 30 processor, which displays the appropriate information when needed. Under the hood is a plug-in hybrid system capable of producing 700 horsepower, all the while producing roughly 94 miles per gallon.

At press time, it was unknown if the Sport Quattro Laserlight would come to fruition, but the technology should make it way to the rest of the Audi line-up in the future.