Top-Selling 2013 NFL Jersey: 49ers’ Colin Kaepernick

2013's NFL top-selling jersey.

Yahoo! broke down this year’s best-selling NFL Jerseys of 2013, comparing it to 2008’s numbers. While 2008 fans may have been rocking a Brett Favre Jets jersey, in 2013, it’s 49er’s Colin Kaepernick reigning supreme.

Peyton Manning’s Colts jersey landed at #7 in 2008, but in 2013, his Broncos jersey is second top-selling jersey of the year.

Seahawks’ Russell Wilson comes in at #3, Adrian Peterson’s Vikings jersey at #4, and it’s RGIII closing out the top 5.

  1. Im a 49er to the bones, and Kaep is overrated, he’s more a model than a pro player, hes more worried about tv spots and magazines than the game itself, SHAME on him

  2. Overrated? He has taken then to back to back playoff appearances in his *first two years. I know it’s his third year but he never started in his first. Sure he’s not the best, he young and improving every week. Get off his back.

  3. Man easy, i’m a die hard 49er fan too, the best of kap is coming and maybe no this year, but he is still looking for his place in the nfl, giva a chance !!

  4. Is that why in his interviews he’s known to be short and sweet with his replies??? Is that why during his rise to fame last year in the playoffs he was getting asked left and right to be the spokesman of numerous places but declined and went straight to offseason workouts a week after the Super Bowl??? Get out of here your drunk

  5. You sure their great defense hasn’t led them… you forget alex smith was 6-2 when Kaep took over last year. They are clearly a run dominated team on offense as they are passing for less than 180yds per game. Not exactly a QB led offense there. His inaccuracy is appalling, if his receivers weren’t so great it would show that much more

  6. Sorry, but this is a stupid post.
    He worked his butt off in the off season.
    You make it sound like he went around soliciting himself for work.

    Coming off a SB appearance he was popular and got some deals. He took them. Good for him.

  7. Are you flipping serious right now? EVERY pro athlete has endorsement and media responsibilities to various sponsors. They are contractually obligated to fulfill these obligations that are arranged by their agent. That’s what agents do, promote and manage the business end of the athletes career. Kap is no different. Give me a break! Kap’s main focus is, and has always been, the game. I happen to know that his agent, Shawn, had to work very hard to convince Kap that these things were a necessary element of his Pro career. He resisted for a long time, and ultimately agreed, insisting on being very involved and selective on what he would do. I can assure you, the media and PR aspect of his job are his least favorite. He has never been an attention seeker. He’s a team player and just loves to play the game. Assuming things about people you don’t know is ridiculous. Colin is a really cool person and deserves respect.

  8. Zerphan you’re fucking drunk bro, this coming from a female Niner fan, he’s a rookie but guess what, Super Bowl wild card, sit down and shut up kiddo.

  9. @Aaron It’s spelled YOU’RE not YOUR, and lol at HIS RISE TO FAME, he was handed a super bowl caliber team that was built around Alex Smith, you take a few of those big name receivers away and see how good he is, Russel Wilson is a better QB now than Kaepernick will ever be and he did it with 1/2 the team the 49ers have

  10. How quick they are to ride the band wagon train and forget that the Alex Smith led 49ers would have been in the superbowl that 13-3 season year, Kaepernick was handed a superbowl caliber team so unless he has a steve young or joe montana career all arguments are invalid

  11. then why is it all the players say he is always first to practice and last to leave

  12. Everyone says Kap is overrated but its his second year starting. Give him time to develop. Everyone expects him to be an arron rodgers or a brady but he hasnt had the time theyve had. chill out and watch him grow into the position.

  13. Omfg he had 1 receiver until crabtree came back they doubled veron and boldin every freaking game he had no one to throw it to I said once crabtree comes back and ooens the O they wont lose another game and I still stand by it they will win the sb and if seahawks lose sunday they will also win the west

  14. He is overrated! He had a very good year last year only because teams didn’t know who he was. He was a fresh face and defenses didn’t understand his style of play. A full year starting and this guy usually throws for 150-200 yards a game. He had a blowout game on opening day, but since then it’s been sub-par. 49ers have a target on their back this year, and this is not a leader you want to take on this journey. It’s superbowl or bust…………I really don’t see a superbowl. They have the best all around team, but they sure don’t look like it.

  15. I`m a Mexican NINER FAN and I think the same!! Kaepernick is overrated!! He is the 30th place in PASSING YARDS in the NFL!!
    How evers GO NINERS!!

  16. LOL……. seahawks have been a good team the last 4 yrs…. they just needed to find a way to get over the hump….

  17. explain 2013 lmfao….. back in the playoff…….takes both side of the team to win….

  18. Lol, you sound ridiculous. How could you possibly jump to these conclusion without knowing him. All you know is what the media presents to you. You don’t know what is going on in his head. You think he made it to the NFL because he was good looking? Please.

  19. You’re dumb you can’t compare Joe Montana or Steve Young career to Kaepernick or nobody else’s their can only be one Steve Young or Joe Montana. What Kaepernick is doing is making his own career he’s not following nobody else’s. So you’re statement is irrelevant.

  20. He has to show up early to put a steroid needle in his backside and listen
    to his beats by dre for a couple hours before taking pictures with his
    shades on inside then going to practice.

  21. He has to show up early to put a ro*d needle in his backside and listen
    to his beats for a couple hours before taking pictures with his
    shades on inside then going to practice.

  22. what was alex smith’s record when he got the starting job? what was kaps? kaps % is way better than his! 2 fantastic QB’s, some QB’s take a lot longer to develop! and i do believe that kap in a press release stated that he’s not about stats or breaking records, but about getting the job done and getting a win! good players or bad players, win, lose or tie i’ll always be a niner until the day i die!

  23. nflfan? I doubt it, cuz you don’t know shinola! Did you happen to catch the 52+ yard bomb he threw to VD against TB? NO other QB can make that throw…it was on a rope and high velocity. It allowed Kap to wait and throw the ball longer before Davis ran out of real estate. EVERY other QB would’ve had to put too much loft under the throw, and Davis would’ve caught it behind the endzone…if at all. Kap is learning to read defenses…but wait until he does. There’s NO other QB that throws as hard as Kap does…and it’s where he gets his accuracy. If he tries to take velocity off his throws, they become less accurate. He can throw into incredibly tight windows…more so than any other QB currently playing the game. Kap’s physical talents are off the chart…I’ll wait until his ability to adjust quickly at the line catches up.

  24. Dafuq are you trying to say?!? Kap isn’t a rookie (3rd year now) and what the hell is Super Bowl wild card mean???

  25. Dude, Zerphan Suri…. Don’t pretend you know what you’re talking about…. Save you’re breath!!! Real fans don’t want to hear you!!! Same with you MEXICAN NINER, YEAH I’M TALKING TO YOU TOO!!!! The guys don’t know all their responsibilities, that is one reason why his bers are low…and he’s young, still learning. Overrated? You must suck, Kap is taking us all the way baby!!!!!

  26. I went to college with Kaep at University of Nevada Reno, he is one of the most hard working, down to earth, selfless, giving, caring guys I know. So it’s easy for us common folks to judge a person through a big screen TV that hanging on the wall without us truly knowing the person. If the guy is having a bad game, that’s fine bash on the game, but don’t bash on the guys personality and who you “think” he is, cause you just don’t know him personally.

  27. He was better last year. I think the fame may have gotten to his head. I still love him as the QB but I would love to see the Kaepernick from last year come back in the playoffs.

  28. @phant How did he have half the team the Hawks have the best D in the league right now and have a young WR core/ one of the best RB’s in the league. Niners best WR was out all year bouldin is good but is at the end of his career and Davis does what he can but can’t carry the whole team. Once Crabtree came back Kap started getting better.

  29. He is in his second year as a starter and only played half of last season. Dumb ass.

  30. yeah, its pretty obvious that you arent a niner fan and dont pay attention to the team. harbaugh did not go with alex for one simple reason: kaep is better.

    alex couldnt have used his legs to be GBs defense like kaep did to get them into the playoffs last year. alex choked more than he completed in big games.

    i and others i am sure are sick and tired of people that dont know anything about niners football talk as if alex was the best fit for us. we didnt win a damn thing with him and the first year we use kaep we almost win the superbowl.

  31. Lol 4 Cowboys in 2008 and 0 in 2013 and they may have a better team now hahahaha

  32. That doesnt make you a rookie. Rookie has a very strict meaning. FIRST YEAR IN THE NFL. Dude is a third year QB. DangeRuss is way better than kaep.

  33. And he sat on the bench the year before that, which makes 3 years in the league. So no, he’s not a rookie, dumb ass. Eat a dick..

  34. All the wanna be niner fans stoo hating on kap. 2nd year starting and second time in the playoffs.

  35. Dudes sound dumb talking about Colin Was Handed a superbowl contender team alex smith isnt good and then someone said russel wilson is better then colin i see people are still hungover since the new year

  36. I’m a die hard niner fan and always have been even during the ugly ugly times in the mid 2000’s. People seem to forget Kaep is in his 3rd year, and only his 2nd as a starter. Do fans not remember how bad Alex Smith was in his first few years? Alex’s first year he threw for 1 touchdown and 11 interceptions… 1 touchdown! I loved Alex Smith, but people really don’t have a clue about how much Kaep has done. In his first full year as a starter he became the 12th player in the HISTORY OF THE NFL to throw for over 3,000 yards and run for over 500. If you want more stats he has 21 touchdowns and 8 picks and a 91 passer rating. If you want to amuse yourselves look up Troy Aikman’s numbers and you will get a real comparison about how UNDERRATED Kaep is. I’ll actually just write it down… Aikman’s best year= 3,400 yards. 23 tds, 14 picks. The dude is 26 making a petty salary right now, how do people not expect him to get some endorsements.

  37. And you are a fucking retard for missing the point, unless he puts up hall of fame stats and wins a few superbowls

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