Red Lobster Restaruants Not Closing Says Company

Red Lobster

Despite a recent reports that said seafood chain Red Lobster would be closing its doors, parent company Darden Restaurants says that’s bogus.

According to a press release from Darden, they are planning to “separate Red Lobster” from the company… and execute a “tax-free spin-off”, though a final decision has yet to be made.

“Although no final decision has been made on the form of the separation, the Company expects to execute a tax-free spin-off of Red Lobster to its shareholders, but may also consider a sale of the Red Lobster business,” said the press release.

In a tweet Friday (Dec. 27), Darden wrote (@RedLobster): “To clarify, reports that @RedLobster is closing are false. We’re looking forward to your next visit!”

Since the initial story, fans of the chain have been up-in-arms about Red Lobster’s rumored closing. Lola Lovely La’Shaun commented (via “oh lord please let me have the shell fish again before they close…”

“Red Lobster is my favorite Restaurant. I always go there for my birthdays and other celebrations,” commented Suzanne Rosenorn.

Others applauded the news. “Good, they are to damn expensive for me. Always want to go to one of them but could never really afford them,” username cheapo wrote.

So, it looks like restaurant goers can relax … for now.

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