E-40 Explains More On Run-In With Notorious B.I.G.

By Staff  |  12/27/2013

In a 2007 DVD, Bay Area rap legend E-40 told the story of how he gave the late Notorious B.I.G. a pass when he the NYC rap icon came through town... despite him giving 40 a "zero" rating in a magazine interview.

E-40 has been asked about the incident a few times as of late, discussing it with The Breakfast Club, and now, during an interview with Complex.com this week. While speaking to the mag, he again stated that had not booked B.I.G. for a fake concert in Sacramento, which some believed, and also shared the details of a phone call he received while Biggie was in town.

40 says he got a phone call late at night, from an associated claiming to be in the same area as Biggie, and then asked if he wanted him to do anything to the rapper.

"But a concert was booked that I didn't book," E-40 said. "And I wanna tell y'all this. I got a call like 11 at night. '40, I got this n**** Biggie Smalls down here woo woopty woo woo. What you want me to do with him?' You gotta understand. Just being upset cause somebody said they ain't f***in with your music, that ain't enough to try to do somebody in. That's not cool. That's some bitch sh**. TI got on the phone with dude. I was like 'I didn't know you felt like that' ...Anyway, to make a long story short, I got him home safe. Got him back to the hotel safe. I didn’t book that concert. That's the main thing I want to say. But the sh** that went down as far as my folks on his head, they was. And I called it off."