‘Beyonce’ Sells 430K Copies In 24 Hours

Beyonce album cover

Beyonce has been the talk of the Internet since Friday (Dec. 13), after surprising everyone with the release of her new, self-titled album, exclusively on iTunes. No release date, no announcement, she just dropped it out of nowhere.

Her fans supported the project as well. In 24 hours, it has sold over 430,000 copies, which will place it atop the Billboard 200 next week.

BEYONCÉ sold over 80,000 downloads in three hours of its release, and by the end of the day Friday, it moved another 350,000 to put its total at 430,000. In two days time, she’s moved 550,000 copies.

With two more days left in the sale weeks, the album is expected to top 600,000. Stay tuned…

The numbers are all digital sales. Physical copies are currently in production and are scheduled to arrive in time for Christmas.

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