Gilbert Arenas Wants To Make NBA Comeback

By Staff  |  12/13/2013

Gilbert Arenas

After playing for the CBA (Chinese Basketball Association) during the 2012-13 season, former All-Star Gilbert Arenas is planning a comeback to the NBA.

The 32-year-old tells The Bleacher Report that he's working on other things, but will hit the gym hard in the summer in an attempt to make a team in next season.

"Right now I'm just developing apps. Next summer, I'm going to train really hard and then try to make a team. I'm going to try to come back," Arenas says.

He also threw out some possible franchises who he could help, including the Knicks, Nets, and Lakers.

"I know the Knicks—I've watched them. They need a lot of help; they need scoring. 'Melo [Carmelo Anthony] needs an outlet. Someone who can just put the ball in the basket and take the pressure off him," Arenas explained.

"I [also] called Jason Kidd before the season and said 'Listen, I feel that I can be better than some of the players you're going to have.' But they were already stacked to the brim. I thought I would've been great coming off the bench for the Brooklyn Nets."

"With Derrick Rose being down, Chicago could use some more scoring. They're struggling a little bit," he continued.

"I guess the Lakers, with Steve Nash out. I think I could've made that squad, because that's who I was working out with before training camp started. I was playing pretty well there. But they had 15 players, so..."

During his last two seasons in the NBA, 2010-11 for Orlando and 2011-12 for Memphis, Arenas played a back-up point guard role. For the Grizzlies, he averaged just 4.2 points, 1.1 assists, and 12 minutes per game.