Toronto Maple Leafs Crowned Most Valuable NHL Team

Toronto Maple Leafs

Forbes released a new list Monday (Nov. 25), breaking down the NHL’s Most Valuable Teams. Topping the list is… the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Canadian team is valued at $1.15 billion, $150-plus more than its closet rival team, the New York Rangers, who themselves are valued at $850 million. According to Forbes, the Maple Leafs have the highest average ticket price ($120) in the NHL, and made the playoffs for the first time last season after a nine year drought.

An interesting note is that the average NHL team has a value of $413 million, 46% more than a year ago. Also, three of the top five teams are Canadian. And, for the first time since the publication began tracking the NHL in 1998, every Canadian franchise ranks among the top 16 in the 30 team league.

Below is the top 10 valued teams in the league. See the rest at

1. Toronto Maple Leafs – $1.15 billion
2. New York Rangers – $850 million
3. Montreal Canadiens – $775 million
4. Vancouver Canucks – $700 million
5. Chicago Blackhawks – $625 million
6. Boston Bruins – $600 million
7. Philadelphia Flyers – $500 million
8. Pittsburgh Penguins – $480 million
9. Detroit Red Wings – $470 million
10. Los Angeles Kings – $450 million

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