Nike Golf Introduces Speedlock RZN Ball Innovation

Nike Golf Speedlock RZN Series

For the second time in three years, Nike Golf has transformed golf ball technology, introducing its latest innovation: Speedlock RZN.

The core tech features an interlocking core design — the core’s surface is similar to that of a waffle iron — that interconnects with the compression layer to form a tighter bond and helps promote better energy transfer through the layers at impact.

THe interlocking geometry helps eliminate the slipping that normally occurs between a traditional, smooth-surface core and the outer layer. When a core slides or slips on impact, the ball loses energy and as a result, speed and distance. Speedlock Technology helps to harness more energy between layers for faster ball speed, longer distance and more stability into the wind.

“We knew we hadn’t pulled 100-percent of the energy that we could out of the existing RZN core,” said Rock Ishiii, Senior Director, Golf Product Development. “Working in partnership with DuPont we were able to develop a softer and faster RZN material and created the interlocking core design to reduce energy loss at impact. That means more distance, especially with fairway woods, irons and wedges, and softer feel and sound around the greens.”

In addition to Speedlock RZN, Nike Golf has added four golf balls to the new RZN franchise — including RZN Platinum, RZN Black, RZN Red and RZN White — all designed to deliver more distance, better feel and a more consistent, stable ball flight than before.

A new spin-optimized coating on the outer surface of the ball helps grip the grooves for better control on wedge and iron shots; and also helps provide improved sound and feel, especially on off-center shots.

The Nike RZN Black and Platinum golf balls will be available at retail Mar. 1, 2014 for $45; and the Nike RZN Red and RZN White golf balls will be available for $29.

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