Maino Gets On Phone With Trinidad James, Demands Apology

Trinidad James and Maino

The controversy surrounding Trinidad James’ on-stage comments about New York being irrelevant hasn’t simmered down just yet.

After the ATL rapper dropped a video on Youtube (below), in which he explained the on-stage rant further and denied that he meant to disrespect the city in any way, he hops on the phone with NY rapper Maino to further discuss the issue… and the Brooklyn rap vet straightened him out.

During the conversation, Maino explains why TJ’s explanation, after the fact, isn’t adding up… and is demanding an apology … or else.

“I just wanted to let you know bruh, I wasn’t disrespecting your city,” James began… before Maino chimed in..

“What you saying now is different from what you was saying on stage,” the New York rapper stressed. “You took away from whatever your opinion was, you unvalidated it right there when you started talking some gangster sh** … Never in the history of my city has a n**** stepped foot on a New York City stage and disrespected the city like you did. This ain’t about me being a bully… this is about right or wrong.

“Certain n****s is not letting that happen, and I’m not one of them n****s. So, therefore, [release an apology] and we moving in a better place,” Maino concluded before the two agreed and hung up.

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