1800 Tequila x Ray Liotta – Them Boots (Commercial)

1800 Tequila x Ray Liota - Them Boots (Commercial)

1800 Tequila continues its campaign with tough guy mob actors. Following a series with Michael Imperioli (famous for his role in The Sopranos), they enlist Ray Liotta for a campaign aimed to “bring tequila back to its roots,” according to a press release.

In support of 1800 Silver Tequila, the company rolls out an ad spot called “Them Boots.” In it, Liotta exits a trains and heads to the bar for a drink. What does he get? 1800, of course. While other fellas around the bar drink cherry-garnished drinks out of martini glasses, he gives them a glare… and they decide to send back their drinks. Ha, ha.

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