Maino Says Trinidad James Needs To Be Disciplined


In the wake of Trinidad James’ comments about Atlanta running New York… musically, and Maino’s response, the Brooklyn rapper called into Hot 97 Thursday morning (Nov. 14) and explained his stance in the controversy.

For those who missed it, James performed at the Converse Rubber Tracks concert this week, and essentially said that the New York hip-hop scene fallen off, while declaring the South’s dominance.ย “What happened? I remember when New York rap was the sh**,” he ranted. “And us in the South, us bammas, we was like ‘What the f***?’ We just did our own thing. But now, we run y’all musically. That’s crazy. That’s crazy. That’s crazy, my n****. That’s crazy. I’m not trying to start nothing, but if you want to do something we can do something ’cause I don’t give a f***. I looked up to New York music.”

Maino would follow, telling the Southern rapper he has problems over those statements… and will have to answer. And further explained his stance in an interview with Hot 97, demanding an apology from Trinidad, and said he needs to be disciplined.

“He’s gotta apologize to New York City,” Maino said. “He’s gotta apologize to my city. He’s gotta apologize to Brooklyn. He’s gotta apologize to Harlem. Because he offended us, disrespected us in our city. People paid you to come here. They didn’t pay you to disrespect them.”

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