Bun B, A$AP Rocky, Hopsin Respond To Trinidad James

A$AP Rocky and Bun B

Trinidad James’ controversial comments about Atlanta running New York recently continues to be a topic of discussion.

If you missed it, the Atlanta rapper performed at the Converse Rubber Tracks concert in NYC recently, and essentially said that the New York hip-hop scene fallen off, while declaring the South’s dominance. Maino has expressed his stance over the comments, demanding an apology. Now, here’s a few others.

Los Angeles-based Hopsin recently spoke with XXLMag.com, where he offered his opinion on James’ status in rap, calling him the worst… ever. “Trinidad James is the most garbage piece of rapper that has ever existed on the face of the Earth,” he said. “His opinion is like a newborn baby saying it’s the king of the world, as far as fighting and it would whoop Bruce Lee’s ass. Like, c’mon now. What do you know about anything?

“Atlanta might be making moves and all that,” Hop continued. “There may be rappers who come out of there, but that doesn’t matter. It doesn’t mean that they are dope. If you break down the real formula, a lot of the dudes coming out there ain’t even really dope. They just got beats that bang. It’s the same sh** that’s repetitive. That’s what the industry likes and that’s what being signed. It doesn’t mean it’s f***ing dope. Go bar and bar. Put somebody a capella. Play one of their a capellas. Look at their lyrics. It ain’t changing nobody’s life. They ain’t doing nothing. They are not impressing anybody. It’s just the beats.”

In an interview with MTV’s RapFix Live, Bun B and A$AP Rocky also offered their opinion on it.

“It’s not really about who run what,” A$AP said. “Everybody got its time, but people don’t want to enjoy that until it’s gone.”

“We can’t be critical, too critical of situations because we have to keep everything in its proper perspective,” Bun B offered. “Hip-hop started in New York, so if you’re an emcee… you’re already trying to be like New York, so it don’t make sense for somebody to say New York tryin’ to be like them. We’re all students of the culture. We’re all taking in information and giving it back out. It’s just starting to look different than maybe it looked originally. It’s starting to sound different than maybe it sounded originally. I can understand his viewpoint. There’s some validity to that, but that’s happened in hip-hop before, where other regions have been so enamored by what’s happening from here, that we want to be a part of it.”

Rising New York rapper Action Bronson also offered his take, via Twitter on Wednesday (Nov. 13), writing (@ActionBronson): “U shouldn’t ever run ur mouth then back pedal. Say what u mean. DO NOT INVOLVE ME WITH DISGRUNTLED NY RAPPER TALK IM OUT HERE GETTING IT AND IM SO COZY. Thank u in advance.”

Bronson was one the artists Trinidad James would later reference as those “keep it real in NY and get no support,” when he later clarified his statements via Twitter.

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