Duke Cannon Drops Brick Soap ‘Military Field Box Gift Pack’

Duke Cannon Military Field Box Gift Pack

Just in time for Veteran’s Day, and/or early gifts for the manly man this Christmas, is this awesome pack from men’s grooming brand, Duke Cannon.

Known for their “Big Ass Brick Of Soap,” the company rolls out this Military Field Box Gift Pack, comprised of five (LARGE) bricks of soap (3 black, 2 white), packaged in an authentic, military field box used for .30-cal ammunition.

As a bonus, it also comes with a free headlamp, which were given to Duke Cannon “when he rescued a Chinese shipping vessel from Somali pirates back in ’86,” according to the company.

For those not familiar with Duke Cannon, his bars of soap are made with the men who work hard, build things with their hands, grill meat and watch ESPN in mind. Their Military-tested bars of soap are huge, and are modeled after the “brick” style soap produced for American G.I.s in the Korean War… and are made in the same plant that produced the original.

The Duke Cannon Military Field Box Gift Pack is one sale now at DukeCannon.com for $45.

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