Tyler The Creator Talks Youtube Awards, ‘N’ Word & Obama

Tyler The Creator Talks Youtube Awards, 'N' Word & Obama

Odd Future’s Tyler The Creator appeared on “Arsenio” on Thurday (Nov. 7), discussing a variety of topics, from his outspoken opinions, the Youtube Awards, and the “N” word.¬†Below are highlights:

On why he doesn’t do drugs or drink: “Some things aren’t for everyone.”

Telling kids to follow their own path: “I just try to tell people to think for themselves and they’ll be way happier in the long run.”

On the YouTube Music Awards: “You would think that they would use that platform to give creative people who’s not on the top Billboards…a chance to actually get recognition for being creative and innovative. Instead they did the same thing that the VMAs or the Billboard Awards did with the Katy Perrys and the Justin Biebers. … It’s actually a group of people who don’t listen to the radio and are sick of seeing the same weak stuff every day.”

On his use of the word “faggot”: “Frank’s gay and I use that word all the time. He doesn’t care ’cause he knows me. He knows when I say that word, I’m not thinking of someone’s sexual orientation or anything. It’s just another word that has no meaning.”

On the N-word: “Anybody could be that. I called the white dude in the back an N-word earlier. He got nervous.”

On Obama: “He’s an N-word that figured it out.”

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