Bernard Hopkins Wins Unanimous Decision Over Kato Murat

Bernard Hopkins wins decision victory over Karo Murat

Bernard Hopkins continues to do the impossible. The boxer defended his IBF light heavyweight title Saturday night (October 26) in Atlantic City via unanimous decision over challenger Karo Murat.

With the win, the 48-year-old became the oldest fighter in history to defend a world title, breaking a mark he already held.Β It was a brawl, too. B-Hop dominated Murat for most of the seventh, eighth and ninth rounds, leading his way to victory.

“Richard Schaefer said we needed to be crowd pleasers,” Hopkins said of the Golden Boy Promotions CEO. “The crowd wanted to see skill and blood, so I had some blood to give them. I am an entertainer and this is what people want to see… He was a game number one contender.

“I really wanted the knockout, but he was tough,” he also said. “You know you’ve got to take some punches. Yeah, I have a little bit of blood on me, but this is what they want to see. They wanted to see the knockout, so I took some shots.”

Hopkins also retired his “The Executioner” nickname, which he’s had for most of his nearly 25-year career, and adopted “The Alien” … entering the ring in a green mask with black eyes, and a cape. “The Alien” was emblazoned on the green waistband of his black trunks.

The nickname refers to how he’s able to stay in such phenomenal shape at age 48.

“The Alien” improved to 54-6-2, while Murat’s professional record fell to 25-2-1.

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