Vanity Fair Breaks Down Jay Z’s Most Mentioned Brands Per Album

Jay-Z Most Name-Dropped Brands

When it comes to brands, rappers love to reference an array of lux brands in their music. With that said, Vanity Fair put together a chart of product name-drops by Jay Z from album to album.

Coinciding with his cover story, the list of Jay’s “Most Name-Dropped Brands” includes the likes of Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Maybach, Tom Ford, Nike, and Versace to name a few.

“To make the task realistic, we referenced only albums officially included in his discography, and at times we interpreted lyrics when they very obviously referenced a brand without outright saying it,” Vanity Fair wrote on its site.

An interesting note from the list is Jay’s Cristal references. As shown in the chart, it was one of the rapper’s favorite champagnes… that is, up until the brand’s infamous snub to the hip-hop community in 2006. From then on, he only name-dropped the bubbly to remind us it’s “racist.”

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