Trojan Attempts To Stage World’s Largest Simultaneous Orgasm

Trojan Lubricants

The makers of Trojan Lubricants announced earlier this month for a campaign attempting the world’s largest simultaneous orgasm.

It comes on the heels of a new study from Indiana University’s Center for Sexual Health Promotion that found 82 percent of users believe lubricant enhances sexual pleasure.

Trojan is putting this to the test by invites couples to come together for a pleasurable night, which began October 2, asking couples nationwide to visit to request their free Trojan Lubricants Come Together kit — stocked with bedroom essentials, samples and tips to experience a sexy evening.

The company is also giving 69 lucky couples a night of pleasure at a luxury hotel in NYC… with the climax coming under a full moon on Friday (October 18) at 10pm EST, as couples come together, courtesy of Trojan Lubricants.

“We know that people are using lubricants across their sex-span, regardless of age, gender or sexual orientation,” said Dr. Logan Levkoff, Sexual Health Educator and Member of the Trojan Sexual Health Advisory Council. “We need to reframe the way people view lubricants — from a problem-solver to a pleasure-provider, because let’s face it — lube makes sex better.”

To get your free free Trojan Lubricants Come Together kit, visit

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