RZA Appreciates Drake’s Song, ‘Wu-Tang Forever’


Though Inspectah Deck wasn’t feeling Drake’s Nothing Was The Same album cut, “Wu-Tang Forever,” it seems the rest of the Clan is loving it.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Wu frontman RZA expressed his appreciation for the Canadian rapper’s tribute.

“I appreciate it,” the rapper said. “He sent me song because they couldn’t clear the sample. So I did it myself, personally, for free. Free of charge. Because to me, that’s what we meant when we said, ‘Wu-Tang is forever.’ We didn’t think we were going to live forever. We meant that the energy of what we do would spread on in culture, generation by generation. And by Drake absorbing it and having that influence in his life and having it be a part of him, it proves what I’m saying. And I’m really proud that he chose that rap.”

Raekwon recently endorsed the song, which takes its title from Wu-Tang Clan’s 1997 double-album, Wu-Tang Forever. The Chef says he plans to appear on the remix.

“At the end of the day, regardless of what, we were mentioned in a great way,” Raekwon told MTV. “He named the title of his song after brothers, so however you did it, at the end of the day, it’s still love. It’s still respect there. I still thought the record was a great record, regardless of what. It ain’t nothin’ rude about the record, nothin’ disrespectful. It’s all love. Hey, I’m for it.”

U-God also co-signed Drake’s song, saying he is a part of the remix as well.

“I put my verse in it,” U-God told MTV. “I’m too rough. I’m too raw…I had to write my dart fast. Being down with the Clan, it gave me the skill to write fast and precise with the dart. At one time, I had to be like that in order to get a slot on the mic. You had to be swift, hard and to the point…So, I had to do the same thing. We only had two hours in the studio to write this joint ’cause we was on tour when we got the record. I didn’t hear the beat ’til I got there, so I didn’t get a chance to marinate with it. So I just threw my dart how I felt. I was saying some murderous ish. I was saying some rawness. And now that I listen to the joint now, I’m like, ‘Damn, he was talking ’bout a broad.’ I might’ve been too rough for y’all, man.”

Member Inspectah Deck, however, has been critical of Drake’s song title.

“After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u… It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wutang Forever!” tweeted the rapper (@INSpectahDECKWU). “I am not switching up.. My tweet earlier stated without previously hearing the song I thought it was a tribute and saw that as respect.”

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