Rappers Wale, Sir Michael Rocks Exchange Words On Twitter

Rappers Wale and Sir Michael Rocks

Rappers Wale and Sir Michael Rocks got into a beef on Twitter this week, when one insulted the other.

On Sunday (October 6), the MMG rapper took to Twitter (@Wale) to ask his followers what the best anime series was. Then,┬áSir Michael Rocks would reply sometime Monday (October 7), making fun of ┬áthe DC rapper for even asking the question… sparking a little back-n-forth between the two.

“Yo u will b super Sus talkin about anime G its not u @Wale,” Michael wrote (@SirMichaelRocks).

“who said i was talkjn about it. Im on my bus niggas was watchin netflix so i asked my fans a question,” Wale responded. “But n**** who the f*** is YOU talkin to tho. I just peeped that you mikyrock .. Watch how u talk to me n****.”

Sir Michael responded again, writing: “I don’t give a f*** about none of that sh** boi lmao stay in your own lane don’t swerve”

Then, Wale would respond a final time, promising to deal with the fellow rapper in due time. “na u stay in ya lane lil nigha. Wasnt talkin to u . U came lookin for ya issue.. Its cool. In a minute !”

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