DJ Quik Says Andre 3000 Started An AIDS Rumor About Him

DJ Quik

Compton rap legend, DJ Quik, took to Twitter Tuesday morning (October 1) to air out his grievances with OutKast member Andre 3000, who he claims made up a vicious rumor about him.

On Monday (September 30), the rapper/producer revealed that Andre had made some comments about him, which he wasn’t pleased with… and that’d he let them know what it was soon.

A day later, Quik said ‘Dre had told his brother that he “got the monster,” likely referring to AIDS.Β “Andre 3K told his brother that I was sick and that turned into ‘DJ Quik got the monster.’ Big rumor in the Midwest. Thanks Andre Badu,” Quik wrote (@DJQuik).

The “Andre Badu” nickname refers to the OutKast rapper’s past relationship with Erykah Badu, who some hip-hop fans credited to Andre’s adoption of a more eclectic style of music and fashion.

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