BMW Group’s MINI Lifestyle Watch Collection

MINI Lifestyle Collection

BMW announced, this week, the newly released MINI Lifestyle Collection, comprised of a range of new watches.

The collect boasts four different styles — the MINI Chronograph Watch (silver or black); the MINI Speedometer Watch; the MINI Weekdays Watch; and the digital MINI Watch.

The MINI Chronograph Watch silver features a three-dimensional design and a sun-brushed dial with three chronograph eyes and a date indicator. The satin-finish stainless steel case and padded, three-hole leather strap in rally design complete the watch’s sporty look. The black variant contains all the same features, as well as a comfortable, durable silicone strap and splashes of eye-catching color with its red second hand and push button. Trademark checkered flag designs feature on the left side of the case and the middle chronograph eye.

The design inspiration behind the MINI Speedometer Watch is the car itself, as the dial of the analogue watch is modeled on the instantly recognizable MINI speedometer. It features a date indicator, satin finish and part-polished stainless steel case, luminous hands and two interchangeable NATO straps in black/anthracite and black/red stripes.

The MINI Weekdays Watch also features the original MINI speedometer design. This sporty analogue watch displays the days of the week in striking orange, and the hands are luminous so the wearer can tell the time even in the dark. The watch has a silicone strap and is waterproof to three atmospheres.

And finally, the digital MINI Watch is available in either black or white, and features a square display that can serve as a mirror and then, at the press of a button, switch to a red fluorescent display of the time and date. The embossed design of the silicon strap is reminiscent of a chequered race flag. The model can be customised to its individual wearer thanks to the interchangeable clasps that come in white, black, red and lime green.

The MINI Lifestyle Collection is available at select MINI stores and online at

Additionally, the collection offers a product range from fashion and accessories to toys, bags, luggage and even bicycles. 200 products in all.

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