Drake Talks ‘Degrassi,’ Emo Critcism & Wu-Tang Clan

Drake and Elliott Wilson at NYU for CRWN series.

With Nothing Was The Same in stores, Drake sat down with Elliott Wilson on Sunday (September 22) for the latest installment of his #CRWN series… in front of an audience at New York University.

During the chat, the Canadian rapper discussed everything from Aaliyah, Beyonce, and Twitter, to his time on the Canadian TV series “Degrassi,” the Wu-Tang Clan and his writing style.

As for Bey, Drizzy revealed that he’s been writing material for the pop star’s upcoming album, before labeling her the “voice of all females in life.”ย And Aaliyah, he’s appeared on a track with the late singer called “Enough Said,” but fans have yet to hear more. He assured that records are in the vaults… and will surface soon.

Below are a few exceprts:

On “Degrassi” and love of sweaters: “Yeah, I was on Degrassi. Yeah, I wear sweaters. Yeah, I wore Dada, and no, I don’t give a f***.”

On criticism that his songs are emo: “People may say about me, ‘Oh man, everything’s so emotional,’ but if I didn’t write about that, what the f*** else would I write about?”

On Twitter: “That’s a terrible medium to exist in. You can indulge in it, but don’t live your life by that code.”

On his mother: “She’s 66, that scares me, man. I’m 26 years old. Life is not guaranteed, and does not last forever.”

Stay tuned for more of the interview…

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