Jazz’s Trey Burke Talks Rookie Expectations, Playing With Derrick Favors

Utah Jazz Rookie Trey Burke Talks Rookie Expectations, Playing With Derrick Favors

With the NBA becoming more of a guard-dominated league, this past off-season the Utah Jazz reloaded their back-court, in hopes of ensuring their franchise a promising future, drafting Michigan Wolverines phenom Trey Burke with the 9th pick in the 2013 Draft.

During the recent NBA rookie photoshoot in NYC, Rise24 caught up with the rookie to discuss his role on the team, his feelings on playing alongside developing star Derrick Favors, and who’s he most excited to play against this upcoming season.

On pressure: “I only think it’s pressure if I put it on myself. Obviously, I’ve got big shoes to fill [with] great point guards coming out of the Utah organization — John Stockton, Deron Williams. If I go in there and play my game, try to make a legacy for myself, I feel like I’ll be fine.”

On playing with Derrick Favors: “I always loved playing with a really good big man. I could remember watching him in high school when he was one of the top-recruited prospects in the country. I followed him since high school. Now, getting an opportunity to play with him, I’m excited.”

On playing against league superstars: “There’s a lot of point guards I’m excited to play against — Kyrie Irving, Chris Paul, Tony Parker… all those guys. The one player I can’t wait to play against is LeBron. He’s the reigning MVP. I’m just gonna have a good time out there playing against him.”

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