Inspectah Deck, Wu Fans Do Not Support Drake’s Song, ‘Wu-Tang Forever’

Inspectah Deck

Drake’s new single has drawn mixed reactions, mostly from its title, “Wu-Tang Forever,” off his upcoming album Nothing Was The Same.

On the R&B-sounding track, the hip-hop star borrows from a Raekwon verse off “It’s Yourz,” off Wu’s second group album, Wu-Tang Forever. While Drizzy fans may love it,ย Wu’s global fanbase are upset over the song. One fan tweeted: “How can Drake title a song ‘Wu-Tang Forever’ …when the entire thing sounds like it was made in a bubble bath?”

Wu-Tang, however, endorsed the song via its official Twitter (@WuTangClan), asking why their fans are being so harsh toward Drizzy. “HOW CAN WU FANS BE MAD A DRAKE LET ALONE WUTANG FOR PAYING HOMAGE?”

Member Inspectah Deck also chimed in, in support: “WTH? The homey did a song about us right? Is that not love/respect? Or did I miss sum’n?”

Despite the initial co-sign, Deck would later return to Twitter after actually listening to the song, taking back his previous approval.

“After listening to the @Drake song, I agree with u… It is in no form a tribute to WU and SHOULD NOT wear the title Wutang Forever!” tweeted the rapper (@INSpectahDECKWU). “I am not switching up.. My tweet earlier stated without previously hearing the song I thought it was a tribute and saw that as respect.”

On “Wu-Tang Forever,” Drake details his upbringing and succes, spitting: “I just gave the city life / It ain’t about who did it first. It’s about who did it right / N****s lookin like ‘Preach’ / Open cases on me for a half a million each / I find peace knowing that it’s harder in the streets / I know. Luckily, I didn’t have to grow there / I would only go there / ‘Cause there’s n****s that I know there.”

What do you think? Is the song deserving of the “Wu-Tang Forever” title?

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