Lady Gaga Brings Out Too Short, Twista At iTunes Festival

Lady Gaga taps Too Short, Twista and T.I. for 'Jewels and Drugs'

Lady Gaga officially debuted her new ARTPOP song on Sunday (September 1), titled “Jewels and Drugs,” during the iTunes Festival in London. It features trio of rappers — Too Short, T.I., and Twista.

Twista and Too Short joined the pop star on stage, though TIP because he was unable to gain entry into the country. Gaga played his verse though, and shouted him out. “From across the pond, T.I. They wouldn’t let him into the country, poor thing. Put your hands up, Hustle Gang,” she told the audience.

She also debuted other new tracks — including “Manicure,” “Swine,” “Sex Dreams,” “I Wanna Be With You,” “Aura,” and the title track.

ARTPOP is due November 11.

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