Estevan Oriol vs Brandy Melville - L.A. Hands T-Shirt

Renowned photographer/video director Estevan Oriol has filed a lawsuit against Swedish fashion brand H&M and fashion house Brandy Melville for the use of his copyrighted image known as “L.A. Fingers.”

The photo was first used during a 1995 photo session, depicting a female model’s long, ring-clad fingers forming the letters “L.A.” for Los Angeles. The image has since become iconic and has been legally published worldwide in various magazines and Oriol-branded clothing.

The lawsuit alleges that both H&M and Brandy Melville grossly infringed on his protected works, using his “L.A. Fingers” photograph on a series of t-shirts that have been and continue to sell at their respective retail stores worldwide.

“If you put my photograph side-by-side with their re-creation of my image, anyone would tell you they are one in the same… they clearly copied my image,” Oriol said.

Bradley and Daniel Yourist of the Yourist Law Corporation are representing Oriol in the suit, claiming the legal actions will serve as “a wake-up call to other retailers that routinely infringe upon, profit from, and trample on artists’ protected intellectual property.”

“On behalf of artists and creators everywhere, we will vigorously seek out aggressively pursue legal action against anyone who improperly uses an image at the expense of an artist,” said Bradley J. Yourist in a statement.

At press time, the judgement Oriol is seeking is unknown.