Papoose Explains Kendrick Lamar Diss: ‘Disrespect NY, We Ain’t Cool’


Papoose has the hip-hop world buzzing over his response to Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse, in which he gets a little personal in calling out the Compton rapper.┬áIn a recent interview with DJ Self and Superstar Jay’s Shade45 radio show, the New York rapper explains why he went so hard at Kendrick and why the two are not cool anymore.

Here’s a little backstory, Pap got an assist from Kendrick earlier this year, when he performed at the end of his set at Hot 97’s Summer Jam. So, why such harsh words?

“It’s too late now. Point blank, he did his thing when he called them n****s out. He was supposed to call them n****s out, especially if they ain’t gonna say nothing back,” said Papooose. “But, when you said you was the ‘King of New York,’ that’s where you f***ed up at.

“If me and you homies, that means you can smack me and I can’t smack you back?” he continued. It’s y’all fault. You overrating these n****s too fast, and now you get situations like this where a n**** feelin’ themself, feeling like they can sh** on New York — where hip-hop started at. You giving these n****s too much credit… greatest lyricist of year, greatest… the hottest artist here. All of that sh**. That sh** be too much too quick.”

Papoose went on, expressing how much disrespect he took from Kendrick, explaining how they’ve been cool, but disrespecting his city is the same as disrespecting him.

“If you disrespect New York, we gotta problem,” Papoose said. “Before anybody knew who [Kendrick Lamar] was, I literally took them [TDE] through Brooklyn, through Bed-Stuy, east New York… all that sh**. They from the west, they never seen that sh**. I took them through. Did a show in Long Island, brought them n****s out, introduced them. Introduced them on-stage. We was cool. If you disrespect New York, we not cool no more.”

  1. Lmaoooo papoose is an idiot trying to get some spotlight. He hasn’t done anything with his career and obviously don’t understand lyrics his dumb ass

  2. How money upset with the so called elite didnt step up? For what? First of all it wasn’t a freestyle. Second. No man should be rockin a bracelet like that. Come on sun. LOL

  3. Pap murdered Kendrick on that track with REAL TALK and there’s no “fan support/Pap hate” that can change that lol lol Kendrick career might be over…we’ll have to see

  4. Hahaha this Nigga just want some love right quick… He ain’t kill shit (for those of you that think he did) most of it was mumble jumble mixed with a few lies… Nothing about it excited me &&I’m a true hip hop head. I LOVE battles but this 1 is already lost, Kendrick is young and fresh.. pap might wanna sit this 1 out. The real reason why Kdot didn’t say his name cuz he forgot it, just like the rest of the HIP hop game……

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