Authorities Investigating Lisa Robin Kelly’s Death: Report

By Staff  |  08/21/2013

Lisa Robin Kelly

Some controversy has surfaced in the death of "That '70s Show" actress, Lisa Robin Kelly, who reportedly passed away in her sleep last week.

According to, both the L.A. County Coroner and the L.A. County Sheriff are suspicious of the cause and are conducting separate investigations.

Sources say the L.A. County Coroner never got a call from the rehab facility where the 43-year-old died. A doctor at the facility apparently pronounced her dead at 8:07 AM Thursday (August 15), but the Coroner didn't get the call until noon... when an official from the office saw the post on TMZ.

However, what made authorities suspicious was that the rehab doctor told the Coroner Kelly died from an embolism, which the Coroner said is impossible to known with without performing an autopsy on the body.

The facility doctor also said Kelly was taking detox drugs, but the results of the toxicology test has yet to come in... so it's unclear if the drugs played a part in her death.

Stay tuned...