Talib Kweli Says Kendrick Lamar’s ‘King’ Title Is ‘Premature’

Talib Kweli Says Kendrick Lamar's Self-Proclaimed 'King' Title Is 'Premature'

Talib Kweli hit the offices of VladTV.com this week, and was asked about Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” verse… to which he explained that while he’s a fan, the Compton rapper’s got some more groundwork to lay before he can be considered among the greats.

“When I think about the greats like Big Daddy Kane and Rakim, they still in my top 10. Kendrick Lamar is creeping up into my top 10. But he only put out one official, official album and a couple of mixtapes,” Kweli explained. “Maybe like Kane said, in 20 years Kendrick will be in my number one. Up in the top five like a Jay Z or Nas has made it. But, until then I think it’s premature.

“As much as I like Kendrick and respect him… I think it’s premature for anyone who knows better to be like, ‘Oh, automatically he’s number one.’ Yeah, he’s gunning for number one. He’s gunning for the top spot. You better watch your spot. He’s coming for it. But, there’s a lot to be done.”

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