Grand Opening Of The Vans DQM General In Boston (Photos)

The Vans DQM General in Boston

Vans and skateshop DQM celebrated the opening of the The Vans DQM General in Boston on Friday night (August 16) with locals, family and friends, as they celebrated the expanded partnership between two of the most prolific brands, Vans and DQM.

The partyserved as the official kick-off for the opening which took place in late July. Professional skateboarder/musician, Ray Barbee, also offered up a special performance.

The new location (located at 174 Newbury Street in Boston’s renowned Back Bay shopping district) is 1,200 sq. ft. and features pieces of Vans’ history, including original factory machinery displayed at the store front along with heritage images of Vans’ storied past. Additionally, it includes vintage accessories purchased from local antique shops, light fixtures purchased from flea markets across the east coast, a navy ship ladder refurbished to display footwear along with custom tables and shelves built from 100-year-old, reclaimed barn wood.

The General, Vans’ first retail foray in Manhattan, has been widely successful since its opening in 2011. So, to further grow The General brand, Vans and DQM introduced the new retail destination to the “Rodeo Drive of the East.”

Inside, it carries both exclusive co-branded DQM for Vans footwear and crafted apparel, as well as select Vans and DQM premium products for men and women.

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  1. Any chance does anyone know the young lady lainee who works there? If so does she have a Facebook?

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