A Closer Look At Beck’s 2013 Art Labels (Kid Cudi, Marc Ecko)

By Jay Casteel  |  08/15/2013

As revealed earlier this summer, German beer company has hosted another art-driven bottle series, aptly titled "Beck's Art Labels."

For a limited edition release, the brand teamed up with six different artists, each creating their own artistic labeling -- including rapper Kid Cudi, fashion designer Marc Ecko, musician Willis Earl Beal, interactive digital duo TM Sisters, multi-medium artists The Date Farmers, and photographer William Hundley.

The bottles have since hit store shelves, so we decided to pick up a 12-pack, and offer a closer look.

In alignment with his Man On The Moon album series, Kid Cudi's creative vision features a fiery mail silhouette in the middle of what looks to a solar system with planets circling.

Marc Ecko offers up a chrome design that is actually a photograph of an original sculpture that illustrates his process: Unlock, un-label.

Singer/songwriter Willis Earl Beal created a label that embodies what his music represents: Understanding how an individual doesn’t represent the whole.

The labeling for Miami duo, the TM Sisters, mirrors their passion for digital video performance, collages, and video games with a techno, topical aesthetic that depicts a flying woman shooting beams from her hands.

Photographer William Hundley chose an photo that Beck's says "invokes a sense of wonder and encourages questions." We didn't know what to make of it, but it's cool.

And finally, the artist team Date Farmers continue their body of work that often features the dog, which highlight duty and responsibility, keeping as close as they can to the truth.

Supporting each rendition, Beck's showcase the aforementioned artists' works via 13.2 million labels, creating the world's largest platform for this circulation of art. For more info, watch a clip going behind the scenes here.

Thanks to Beck's for sponsoring today's discussion.