50 Cent Nearly Brawls On-Stage With Former G-Unit Affiliate Trav

By Staff  |  08/11/2013

Tension was thick between 50 Cent and Meek Mill's crew over the weekend, when the hip-hop mogul nearly brawled on-stage with a member of the MMG rapper's entourage.

Fif was on-stage at the Mixshow Live Event in Atlanta on Saturday (August 10) when he called Meek Mill on-stage, who obliged by making his way to greet the rapper. But as Meek walked up with his entourage, 50 recognized a familiar face amongst his crew... Trav, a former affiliate of G-Unit.

Upon seeing him, 50 Cent made it clear that he wasn't welcome, and from there, things began to escalate with shoving and yelling. Meek, however, immediately hopped in the middle to defuse the situation, and it appears from the footage that the show went on.

Trav explained the situation a little further via Twitter (@TravMBB) on Sunday (August 11), calling the issues between himself and 50 "family issues" and that they are still "brothers."

Meek also addressed the incident, tweeting (@MeekMill): "Don't involve me wit trav and 50 words they had on stage they got they own relationship!"